Possum Spikes

Our latest product developed to deter possums! These can also be used as large Bird Spikes! Stockists are welcome! :)

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes stop birds for perching! For use anywhere bird roosting causes an eyesore or health problem!


Right-angled base section with rows of thorns! Works on wood, iron, aluminum, or for any 90 degree application!


Our BEST-SELLING Thorny Devil Product! Similar dimensions to a common house brick. They can be easily molded to any shape with warm water!

Welcome to Thorny Devil Spikes!

We manufacture and distribute Australia's favourite and #1 pest deterrent system:

Thorny Devil Possum Spikes

Thorny Devil Bird Spikes,

Thorny Devil Flat-Section, and

Thorny Devil L-Section

for your birds, possums, and other pests problems!

We ship worldwide!

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