Thorny Devil Spikes are a low profile PVC plastic security spike deterrent system effective on both human and animal intruders. Thorny Devil Spikes are easily added to existing chain link, wood, iron, and PVC fences, and are paint-able, flexible, and non-flammable.

1) Thorny Devil Possum Spikes

possum.spikesIndividual product dimensions:
500 mm (L) x 175 mm (H) x 33 mm (W)

UV-Resistant Polycarbonate (PC).

Spike Height:
150 mm (6 inches)

Spike Tip Radius:
2 mm (low harm)

Visit Possum Spikes Dedicated Website at for more comprehensive information!

2) Thorny Devil Bird Spikes


Individual product dimensions:
420 mm (L) x 90 mm (H) x 110 mm (W)

For use anywhere bird roosting causes an eyesore or health problem. Warning signs available. See instructions.

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3) Thorny Devil L-Section


Individual product dimensions:
450 mm (L) x 30 mm (H) x 30 mm (W)

Right angled base section with dual rows of thorns on top and a single row on the outer side!

Works on wood, iron, aluminum or other panel type fences with a narrow top edge or for any 90 degree application.

For use on paling fences, steel panel fences, etc.l-section

4) Thorny Devil Flat Section


Individual product dimensions:
210 mm (L) x 90 mm (W)

Similar dimensions to a common house brick with channels and groove in the back for simple cutting, flexibility and extra bonding strength.

Good for block, stone, brick and stucco walls, and steel girders.

They can be easily molded to any shape with warm water.

For use on brick, mortar, timber walls, and thermo-forming.


Patented ‘Thorny Devil Fence Capping’

  1. Deters People, Wild Animals, Coyotes, etc
  2. Protects Kids, Pets, and Possessions
  3. Deters Vandals
  4. Reduces Damage to Property
  5. Lessens Criminal Activity
  6. Lessens Poor Social Behavior
  7. Improves Building and Yard Security
  8. Protects Kids from Injury and Risk Taking


Effective, inexpensive and easy to fit

Installs with little effort (at a rate of 1-2 minutes per 3 feet)

Blends in with the surroundings but is easily seen up close

Its prickly feel deters intruders, animals, and vandals alike

Sections are made from long lasting UV resistant PVC

churchSpikesThorny Devil Spikes are used in homes, ranches, businesses, schools, parks, government facilities, airports, industrial facilities, food production plants, bridges, and roadways.

A. The thorns are short and their apex is purposely made with a radius.

B. Any painful effect can only be due to pressure applied to the thorns and as cats & possums only weigh a small amount, they are unable to exert harmful pressure.

C. The thorns are spaced to ensure that animals are made uncomfortable, yet not hurt.

Note: Material is PVC. Can be drilled, nailed or cut, painted and glued. It can be easily trimmed into strips or short saddles. Can be THERMO-FORMED to suit novel applications.